Raunas novads



Cheese Factory Ltd

A special sort of cheese, well known in Latvia – ‘Green Cheese’ is made in Cheese Factory. Its main ingredient – fenugreek is locally grown. They also produce grated green cheese , Golden (ghi) butter, garlic cheese ‘Ķiplociņš’, cheese with herbs, spicy cottage cheese ‘Knapsieriņš’, as well as 12 sorts of homemade pasta and 5 sorts of homemade noodles. All products are handmade. Visitors are offered a guided tour of the company, as well as tasting and buying products.

Advance booking is essential

Address SIA „Siera ražotne”

Parka 4a, Raunas pagasts, Raunas novads

Phone +371 22014583

E-mail sierarazotne@gmail.com