Raunas novads



Rauna Medieval Castle ruins and sightseeing tower


The name of Rauna Castle first appeared in historical sources in 1381, although some historians admit that the castle could have been built earlier. It is mentioned in the 18th century literature that the castle was built in 1262 by order of Riga Archbishop Albert II and was one of the most important archbishopric centres. However, according to an epigram of Rauna created in the 16th century, building the castle was attributed to Archbishop Johannes I who ruled from 1273 – 1284.

The main building of the castle is rectangular and occupies the territory of 47.40 x 35.49 m, with a once inhabited inner courtyard in the middle. The castle has been destroyed nine times by Russian, Polish, Swedish and German troops.

Rauna Castle ruins are among the best-preserved castle ruins in the country, and it is a popular tourist destination. Visitors can enjoy a spectacular view of Rauna from the sightseeing tower (ask for the key at Rauna Tourist Information centre)

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