Raunas novads


Rauna Tanīskalns (Tanīss Hill Fort)


Rauna Tanīskalns is one of Latvia’s largest hill forts and an archaeological monument of national significance. As an ancient fortified settlement it was established on top of a hill about 24m high, on the left bank of river Rauna. When the fortification was shaped, sides of the hill were made steeper around a flat, 4000 m2 large area. On the southern side, a terrace was made, while at the north-western end of the hill, a three-metre-high rampart was banked and a ditch was dug. A road for reaching the top of the hill fort was made along its north-eastern side and was well protected by the rampart.

Cēsu iela 8/10, Rauna, Raunas novads

GPS 57.329830, 25.605135