Raunas novads



Rauna Freedom Monument


The monument is devoted to the remembrance of Rauna parishioners, who lost their lives during World War I and the Latvian War of Independence. It was made by distinguished Latvian sculptor Kārlis Zemdega with the underlying idea “The people was saved by spirit of song”. Inscription “God bless Latvia” at the base of the monument was removed during Soviet occupation. The inscription was restored in 1989.

When the surrounding area was landscaped in spring 1932, locals planted an oak tree avenue, laying under every tree a bottle with the name of a fallen soldier. Names of fighters were late also inscribed on a white marble plaque, placed in Rauna church in 1937.

Rīgas iela 1, Rauna, Raunas novads

GPS 57.330426, 25.610191